In this article, Kitchen Remodel Thousand Oaks will be providing you a list of important questions that you must bring with you at your free discussion with your prospective contractor. This way, you will get to know more about a company and whether it perfectly fits your personality, style, and goals you are planning to achieve. Keep on reading to know more: 

Do they do the cleaning after work? 

If they usually clean up after themselves, then that’s a great sign.  The construction site must be tidy and safe at the end of each workday. 

Do they have company delivery trucks? 

Do the materials and the builders arrive in professional and company-owned delivery trucks or in an old family minivan? What matters is the presentation. Meaning, once they care about how they look in their clients’ perspective, you can expect that they will care about the presentation of the outcome of your kitchen as well.  

Are you financially stable? 

This could be more challenging to know. Thankfully, you can collect important contact information with the help of vendors or subcontractors. Talk to the accounts payable offices of the contacts you have and try to ask whether your prospective company pays its bills on the dot.  

Do you offer a written warranty? 

Your materials that are supplied and manufactured will have their respective warranties. However, the contractor must provide their own written warranty to back their craftsmanship’s quality.  

How long have you been in the industry? 

Though every business inevitably begins at some point, you wouldn’t want to employ an unreliable provider and eventually regret it.  A reputable business track-record bodes well for client satisfaction and workmanship.   

Do you specialize in kitchen works? 

If you are planning to remodel a living room, it is acceptable to hire a general contractor. However, if you want to remodel your kitchen, you should look for a contractor that has specialized experience working in kitchens so there won’t be problems sooner or later. 

Do you provide compensation for your workers? 

Paying their workers is a no brainer since it’s stated in the law. Failing to provide them compensation is a warning sign that your prospective contractor is not as trusted as they appear.  

Are you bonded and insured? Bonding and insurance serve as your “insurance” in the event they leave you hanging without completing the job, they do below-average work, or when they accidentally caused property damage. If they are insured and bonded, you won’t worry about such things since you will certainly be covered. 

Can we check the verification of your present business licenses? 

If you’re meeting with a builder, contractor, or representative of the company, business cards or license numbers won’t be sufficient proof that their company is legit. You should look for actual proof. If you want to verify whether the license of your local contractor is updated, you can check it with the help of your area’s building department.